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 Services provided by Starfish Enterprise Longarm Quilting

The evolution of a quilt is always a labor of love and collaboration between the piecer, the quilter who puts the thread on the quilt and the finisher who later puts it all together. You have spent a significant amount of time imagining, shopping for fabric, and piecing the fabric together to turn out a beautiful piece of art that is all yours. This quilt can be a personal touch, a gift for family or just a great way to spend some time, but regardless, you have put time, effort and money into it and it deserves to have a beautiful finished look.

I would love to help you complete your quilt in whatever area you need it. You can piece it, bring it to me and I can quilt it for you. You can put the binding on or in some cases I can complete the binding for you.

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Quilting charges:

Are by the square inch and price depends on size and complexity.  Quilting starts at .02 cents per square inch. There is a charge for thread, turning the quilt for complex borders or thread changes.  Set up an appointment and I will be happy to give you an estimate. Bring your quilt top and backing and pick a thread color. Your quilt and backing need to be ready to go on the machine. See QUILT PREPARATION.
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