QUILT PREPARATION for Starfish Enterprise Longarm Quilting

When you drop off your quilt to have it quilted on the long arm it should be ready to go on the machine. Your pieced top should be ironed and hung on a hanger and all the loose excess threads should be cut off and removed. They may show through if you do not take the time to do this. Seams need to be ironed flat.  I will do a quick ironing before I put it on the machine, but will need to charge you if I need to completely iron the quilt. Borders must be flat or your quilt will end up wavy or puckered.

Your backing needs to be sewn and ironed and needs to be 4 inches larger than your quilt top all the way around. It needs to be squared up properly or it will not go onto the machine correctly and will result in an unpleasant look for your quilt. If you do not know how to square it up, or if I need to square it up for you there is a $10 charge. Please cut selvages from fabric before constructing the backing. A busy backing always works best. Do not use a sheet!

If you do not wish to make your own backing I can sew it for you, charge is $10 per seam. Or I can cut it, sew it, iron it for $30.

I carry a good supply of quality threads, about 100 colors, mostly Egyptian cotton and there is a thread charge. I also carry batting in 4 sizes and light colors as well as black, all on a roll, ready to cut.

For complex borders, the quilt will need to be turned, cost is $15.00. A sleeve for hanging is $25.00, bring extra fabric for that.